With its high winds, beaches, ports and rich blue sea, Alaçatı is a home to many windsurfing fans. Back in the days, when the Greeks inhabit Alaçatı, it was famous with its fine wines and vineyards. Now, all the flavours of Aegean cuisine lives in harmony in Alaçatı. 

Roaming in the cobbled streets while inhaling the fresh-air of Aegean sea takes you back to 1850’s. History, nature and joy are all together in Alaçatı with its windmills, historic stone houses, beaches, art galeries and cheerful community. Alaçatı town is located in the “ever breezing” narrow pass of the Çeşme Peninsula. 
In Summer, the Northeaster, winds through Alaçatı. In Winter, Southwester creates a warm climate. The percentage of the windy days in Alaçatı is highly above average (330 days a year). This made the town, one of the most important windsurfing centers of the World. The surfing center is located in a bay that is shaped like a V. The sea level is quite shallow and most of the times the wind blows from the North. The best feature of Alaçatı is the land-breeze and even in the strongest winds, there are regular waves. Water-flow that is in the same direction as the wind helps the windsurfing. Above Alaçatı which is located 3km far from the sea, Ilıca is located with its famous beach. Surf centers, the port and the beaches are South of Alaçatı and Diamond&Golden Beaches are of West. There are many choices ranging from “beach clubs” to the calm beaches at a distance of 3 – 15 KM.

The Village Bazaar that is on Saturdays, brings joy and cheer to whole village. People from every corner of the Peninsula visits here for shopping. You can find various kinds of surprising goods in the streets of Alaçatı. Paintings of important artists, statues, authentic jewelleries, special linen collections, local olives and olive oils, ceramic products are only some of the products that awaits you in the streets of Alaçatı. A bouquet of lavander, sage, bougainvilleas in can. These frames will leave happy memories behind.